Day 2 #leapfear Nicola

Nicola’s passion for life was palpable from the first moment she walked into my studio.  She is fierce yet gentle.  Strong but flexible.  Confident yet vulnerable.  Her story resonates with so many people and that is why I choose her to be one of the #leapfear’s profiled women.  Soon she will be competing in the National Power Lifting Championship and hopefully be able to move on the the World Championship.  Be sure to check out her Youtube channel and comment below to let her know you appreciate her sharing her story.

UPDATE: Nicola is now a Canadian Champion and is travelling to the Word’s this summer!!

Special thanks go to my amazing makeup artist Lindsey from BeYOUtiful Esthetics.  

What changed that made you realize you were living a life of fear?
In highschool I was afraid of imperfection, and I was afraid to make mistakes. This led me to always have to be “in control,” and took me down an ugly path with an eating disorder. Entering university, I began to see I was surrounded by opportunities and relationships I was missing out on, and realized I needed to change. I had a whole life ahead of me I needed to live and make the most of.


Once you realized that you were living a life in fear, what stopped you from moving forward? What held you back for so long?
I cared too much what others thought of me, and I too often compared myself to the girls I saw in magazines, TV, and in the media. I cared too much about what my friends, family, and society thought about me and my actions. What if they didnt like me?
Once you did take the leap, what did you have to let go of?
I had to let go of always being “in control” and instead learn to not only embrace the journey, but to love and thrive within it. I had to let go of always scheduling my life and my body, and instead live in the moment with extreme curiosity. Mistakes and bumps are bound to arise, but instead of a pity party I take them as an opportunity to be better than before and to find an even better and more exciting path for myself.


Once you let go, what did you find on the other side that was worth taking the leap?
I found incredible opportunity, and a whole new me! No longer was I a shy and timid girl with an eating disorder, but a powerful woman beyond measure who was strong both inside and out. I no longer cared what others thought of me, and was able to build meaningful relationships, travel, start a blog, study what I loved, truly laugh, and most recently pursue the sport of powerlifting.


What would you tell someone whose fears are still holding them back?
Whenever you feel fear, try to change your perspective and look at the situation as an opportunity and find a way to be grateful for it. For example, if you’re afraid of entering a powerlifting competition try being grateful for the opportunity presented to connect with new people and make new friends, and the opportunity to use and work every muscle in your body and demonstrate what you can do. The scariest option is to stay within your comfort zones and to do nothing at all – there is no fun or growth in that!
Is there anything else you would like to share with people on the blog?
The entire #LeapFear photo shoot experience had me breaking out of my comfort zones and facing fears. Never before had I had a photo shoot! Let alone one where I was out of my everyday workout leggings and instead dazzling in dresses. But the experience left me with immense growth, and inspired for the future, and made more eager and open to pursue other amazing transformative experiences. Being only 21 years old, I am ready and excited to leap into all the photo shoots and adventures that are yet to come.