#leapfear Day 23 – Jennifer

The most astonishing thing about #leapfear, is how each and every woman arrived and said the same thing: they weren’t really sure if they were a good fit.  Would they photograph well enough. Was their story interesting enough.

You tell me.  I think each and every person belongs.  Some of these people I had known before this project and many I only met for the first time at our photoshoot.  What I will say, is that I feel I have gathered a tribe.

Jennifer took some convincing to participate in #leapfear.  Her sister Lori had nominated her.  I knew Lori because she hired me to do my first big corporate gig less than two years ago.  I am forever grateful for her leap in faith in me:)

So why would she be afraid?  She shares a little below.  But it is really the same thing we all go through.  Will people accept us.

I hope that being a part of this project will help Jennifer see herself the way we do.  She is funny, warm, gentle, kind and beautiful just the way she is. Her daughter, sister and niece all adore her and you can clearly understand why.

At the end of this page, you can see Jennifer with her daughter, then with her sister Lori, and then with her daughter, sister and niece (who you might recognize as Day 20:).  Awesomeness runs in the family!!

Special thanks go to my amazing makeup artist Lindsey from BeYOUtiful Esthetics

What changed that made you realize you were living a life of fear?

I certainly do not think that I am alone in my dislike of being in pictures and I look at the previous posts and see not only amazing but beautiful woman.

2016-02-23_0007.jpgIt baffles me that they could be so afraid to have their picture taken and feel the fears about it that I do. Unfortunately fear is very difficult to rationalize away. So here I go. I am just going to jump.


My age has been a huge factor in me realizing how much my fears hold me back in my life.

I am my own worst enemy and I am learning to get out of my own way and be a part of life.


I am still on this journey and certainly cannot claim to have it all figured out. All I can do is continue to try and work through my fears. This experience will give me strength to draw from when I am doubting myself. Thank you so much for the opportunity.