I worked with Anita for the photographs on my website and it was an amazing experience! Anita is not only professional and so extremely talented at what she does but most importantly understands all the insecurities that come from looking into that lens. In the end it was much more of a personal growth experience with the bonus of great pictures!
Thank you Anita!


I'm not sure there are enough positive words in the English language to accurately explain the experience I had with Anita during a recent photoshoot. After going through a life changing moment and,\ wanting to get updated photos of me that truly captured my true essence, I started looking for someone who was up for the challenge. Being someone who normally shy's away from having my pictures taken I knew this was going to be a challenge and outside my comfort zone so I needed someone special...and Anita was the one.
Anita is truly gifted, her talent, creativity and professionalism are so impressive. She just makes you feel so at home and at ease, her personality is so infectious and I found myself unable to stop laughing a few times. She captured me like no one else has been able too...I can honestly say she was not only the right choice, she was the only choice when it came to this project and she truly hit a home run and "knocked it out of the park"
Anita, thank you for what you do and for just being you!!!!


One of the things that hold people back from doing portraits, is the thought that "I am not photogenic". Anita makes this clear on her website that she believes; (and will prove it time and time again) that we all are. "We all are", in front of the right photographer that is.


This was my first ever photo shoot and I had no idea what to expect, but Anita went above and beyond and made me feel comfortable and confident during the entire session. Both before, during, and after Anita was like a mother to me ensuring the shoot would be perfect and that the entire process ran smoothly. She really knows how to bring out the best in people, and her passion and creativity with the camera is like no other. I was in pure shock when the photos were revealed to me! And could not have had a better experience or recommend anyone better if you are looking for top notch professional photography. I believe the whole #LeapFear project Anita started demonstrates Anita's passion and greater purpose within photography and what she does - to bring out the beauty within each and every situation. The experience I had working with Anita has positively impacted me for the rest of my life, and I assure you you will get photos and so much more.


Just had the most amazing experience with Anita at her studio. Her professionalism, talent, creativity, and enthusiasm embraces you and takes you on an adventure that is pure fun, empowering and liberating.


Anita's photos are pure magic. She makes people come alive in her portraits, through her incredible technique, it's fair to say, but I do firmly believe that the main ingredient is not something you can get anywhere else: her genuine love of people. She sees people. She sees them through and what she does with incredible mastery and generosity is to capture what she sees and reflect it back to them through her lens. She will remind you of what you are made of, she'll show you what you look like when you are alive, and you'll come out of this experience wanting to see more of yourself the same way as she sees you.

This is for everyone out there that thinks they can take their own photographs. Like everyone, I am finding times a little tight, and I really struggled with justifying spending money on a professional photographer. I decided to do a session as a gift for my boyfriend of eight years. But it really turned out being a gift I gave myself. I adore my boyfriend, but like all long term couples, I don't love him every day. Some days I want to smack him. When I look at Anita's photos though, I see how handsome he is, and am reminded of all of the good things. Then I don't want to smack him quite so hard! Honestly. Hire Anita Watkins. Your won't regret it; ultimately it is cheaper than marriage counselling and way more fun!


Wow! Where to begin… Anita you are a fantastic photographer and an amazing person! I was initially apprehensive about doing a photo shoot with you but you had blown that nervousness out of the water. Thank goodness because the photos are amazing! Anyone who has second guesses or is nervous about working with here – don’t be! She brought an energy to my session that I have never witnessed before in a person. She truly is a master behind the lens and every minute is evidence of that. Anita is truly one amazing photographer and like I said – you wouldn’t be doing this if you were truly passionate about photography! Thanks for making me look so good.


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