About the Unstoppable Project

I can feel it.
I can see it everywhere I look.
We are unstoppable.
I have photographed, profiled and celebrated 40 women over the age of 40.
Let us demonstrate to the world that our power, beauty, strength, grace and spirit do not diminish with age.  In fact, we are just getting started!

WHY 40 OVER 40?

My dad raised me to be a proud feminist. My mom didn’t like the word, but she was one too. I have raised feminist children. I have a feminist husband.

I have been witness to the strength and resilience of all kinds of women in my life but the stories that get to my heart the most often, are the ones of women that society used to label as “past their prime”.

What gives me hope for the future is that I have met woman after woman that have said HELL YES! Women that refuse to be labelled or diminished, are now stepping into their own power. Personally, I feel like I am only beginning to hit my stride. Now I feel called to give a platform to 40 of these women. I want them to be seen, celebrated and have a platform to use their voice to call out to us. I want women all over to hear their stories and be inspired. Will you join me on this journey?

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