Its cancer’s turn to be afraid!

She finally said yes.  

You have to understand.

My mother NEVER willingly agreed to having her photo taken.  My dad used to joke that maybe she was a spy and was afraid of being caught.  I have hundreds of photos of her looking away (intentionally…I think she thought she looked better that way).  And of course the many photos of her hands in front of her face.

But I digress.  This time she said yes.  My best friend and her daughter were witness!  Her hair was finally growing in from the chemo. It was looking funky and hip.


My Mom a few weeks before she died. She was finally comfortable in front of the camera.


So we were joking around how she could wear a leather jacket for a photo shoot and how awesome it would be.  And that was when she said when her hair grew in another centimetre, she would sit in front of my camera.

I was ecstatic.  I had been begging her for almost 2 years to get in front of my camera for a photoshoot and she finally agreed.

Except it wasn’t to be. Just over a week later, she was rushed to the hospital. She died a few days after that.

And honestly, there is only one regret I have: I never got to do that photoshoot with her.



So, this Mother’s Day, will quite frankly suck in my house.

My husband and I have both lost our mothers to cancer since last Mother’s Day and we are both feeling a little lost, like a boat without a rudder. Our children have lost both of their Grandmothers, their link to the past and their cheerleaders for their future.

I am a doer.

I can’t wallow anymore.

I need to kick cancer in the ass.

And I need your help!

This May 23 , 2015, my sister and I have decided to join forces in honour of our mother, and offer YOU a chance to capture yourself, your mother, your grandmother, your mother’s eyes as reflected in your child…..I don’t care! I don’t want you to have the same regret that I do.

And every penny you pay for the session WILL GO TO SUPPORT CANCER RESEARCH.

the circle at avenue park

I want cancer to be a disease of the past.

I want to be part of the solution.

Let’s do this.

Contact me at or 226-448-6715


my sister Kornelia at or 905-517-5138

to book your mini session near Watertown, Ontario

this MAY 23, 2015


My mom with my sister’s children.


My Mom with my children.