London Photographer Cured

I am officially cured.2015-11-10_0008.jpg

Photo Phobia.
Otherwise known as mom syndrome.

I was one of those.

Really, me.

You know. The mom who doesn’t want her photo taken. The one waiting to lose weight, figure out how to properly put on makeup (how the hell does a 13 year old master it and I look like a made up cow when I try!?), the one that just hides behind someone else when the camera comes out.

I came by it honestly though. My dad often joked that my Mom must have been working for the KGB the way she avoided the camera (much funnier joke during the cold war). She was a stunningly gorgeous woman who wasn’t very photogenic. She thought that by not looking at the camera, somehow she could will the camera gods to work for her. She froze and hated photos of herself.

It is strangely common though. People often tell me that they hate themselves in photos, that they would love to do a family portrait but want to wait until they lose weight.

Just got this text as I was writing this post:

Screenshot 2015-11-10 22.00.07

But then, the next year comes. They got busy, didn’t lose the weight and still haven’t figured out how to become photogenic. Sounds Familiar?

2015-11-10_0006.jpgMy answer?

I got your back.

Being “photogenic” is a multifaceted thing.

It has more to do with the skill of the photographer and the confidence of the subject than any innate actual “photogenic gene”.

A great photographer can teach you what to wear, how to position yourself to get the most flattering poses and more importantly, get you to a mental and emotional place where you feel more confident and more like yourself. I want the very BEST version of YOU to show up in the final images.

But more importantly, your family loves you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
They won’t love you more if you lost 10 pounds.
Or if you knew how to apply the makeup just right.
Or if you didn’t have stretch marks where there shouldn’t be stretch marks.

They love you. YOU.

Don’t leave behind a legacy of no images of you. Because when you are gone, it will be the most important things they have. My mom did not leave me many photos and that will be my eternal regret. I won’t do that to my kids. I promise.

This summer, on a family vacation, I hired a local photographer to do our family portraits in Sorrento.


I am IN family photos in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I hired a professional because I wanted these photos to capture who we really are. And she did.

Best money I spent on the vacation.


I know I don’t look perfect.
I can afford to lose a few pounds.

My outfit isn’t perfect.
I THINK I am wearing some makeup.

But ultimately it doesn’t matter:

I am with my family. We are happy.

We have captured a moment in time.

I have given my children some memories of a time when I was just happy to be in a photo with them because I love them.

You can see that in these photos. The rest really doesn’t matter.

I am cured.

Photo Credit: Chiara Natale for Flytographer