#leapfear Day 21 – Erika

Do you ever meet someone and feel like you have known them forever?  It was like that with Erika. I can see why she has been so successful as an entrepreneur. She is passionate, warm and her energy is infectious. She makes ME think I could get fit;)

We chatted like long lost friends, sharing ideas and thoughts about what it means to be a woman in the business world.  Her business has ended up focusing on women and this project has been about women.  We had a lot to talk about:)

Erika was game to try anything I suggested no matter how outrageous the clothing choices or the poses I asked her to contort into.  And then she would burst out laughing over and over again.  I could do a blog post of just her smile:) The last photo is pretty typical.


What changed that made you realize you were living a life of fear?

Lucky, blessed, good karma, you name it, I feel it. Having grown up with two extraordinary parents whose ending lines to our goodnight prayers were “keep everybody happy, healthy and safe”, you tend to make this your quest in life. Whether it be sports, trying out for the school play or going on a class trip, I was supported and encouraged by my mom and dad in every way possible. Growing up, I had two prime examples guiding me through life who represented daily what it meant to overcome fear. So what could I possible be afraid of? It is my belief that we have a finite amount of time here on this earth and I fear that I am never moving fast enough to experience everything I want to experience. This rat race feeling of never being where I should be comes from an incessant need to seek my parent’s and other people’s approval and to do what I think I should be doing.


Once you realized that you were living a life in fear, what stopped you from moving forward? What held you back for so long?

After high school, I attended university and once I finished I found myself having little direction of what to do next. I had earned this degree but now what? The next logical step was to obtain a job in the field of my degree. This is what I was supposed to do right? I got a job that I thoroughly enjoyed but came to a crossroads that forced me to take a look at my life and decide what I really wanted. Travelling had been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. I knew that regardless of where life took me, I needed to travel. Having some big life changes happen, this was the perfect opportunity to travel.

Once you did take the leap, what did you have to let go of?

I had to let go of what I thought I should be doing and go for what I wanted to be doing. I had to let go of seeking other’s approval and take the leap of faith.


Once you let go, what did you find on the other side that was worth taking the leap?

Travelling Australia for ten months on a working holiday visa was hands down the best decision I had ever made for myself. This experience forced me out of my comfort zone, gave me confidence and allowed me to experience the world differently than I could in a two week vacation. I spent a lot of money on my travels but it was worth every penny and I truly feel I came back richer.


What would you tell someone whose fears are still holding them back?

If overcoming our fears was easy, everyone would do it 100% of the time. It’s not. That’s why you should do it! What’s the worse that could happen? When we look back on our lives, what moments will we remember? Live for those moments and create them often.

Is there anything else you would like to share with people on the blog?

I am so honoured to be a part of this project and want to thank Anita for this opportunity. I want to thank all of the other women for sharing their incredible stories and overcoming fear to lead the way for others!