40 Over 40 Project:

Celebrating women whose power, beauty, strength, grace, and spirit do not diminish with age.


I have photographed, profiled and celebrated 40 women over the age of 40.

WHY 40 OVER 40?

I have been witness to the strength and resilience of all kinds of women in my life but the stories that get to my heart the most often, are the ones of women that society used to label as “past their prime”.

What gives me hope for the future is that I have met woman after woman that have said HELL YES! Women that refuse to be labelled or diminished, are now stepping into their own power. Personally, I feel like I am only beginning to hit my stride. Now I feel called to give a platform to 40 of these women. I want them to be seen, celebrated and have a platform to use their voice to call out to us. I want women all over to hear their stories and be inspired. Will you join me on this journey?

I would like you to meet the UNSTOPPABLE


Kim is an intensely private woman. I think stepping forward for this project was most definitely outside of her comfort zone. She shares below some of the challenges that she has faced in her life. You can see the fire in her belly when you meet her. She is a force to be reckoned with:)

Anita Watkins

A portrait of Kim Lincoln Groves at Anita Watkins Photography Studio

Kim Lincoln Groves’ Portrait taken at Anita Watkin’s Studio in London, Ontario. 

A Letter to Kim’s 20 year old self

“Hey 20 year old self, 

You’re in university now, away from home, meeting new people, and starting to figure our who you are. You’re about to embark on the beginning of an amazing adventure…hang on.

Things don’t always turn out they way you thought they would and that’s not so bad. You’re taking Kinesiology with your eye on becoming a physiotherapist. Well, you took a fork in the road after you graduated. You really weren’t sure what you ‘wanted to be’ and that was stressful. Remember that part-time job telemarketing you got in first year that you hated? Well, you never left that place and now you work there as an accountant. Crazy, I know, you’ve never taken an accounting course before. Over the course of next 9 years you’ll take night classes, passing most, failing a few and swearing you’ll quit more times than you can count. The real life lessons of that journey will be perseverance, determination and resilience (PDR). What you need to know, is that you have a fire in you that won’t let you quit no matter how hard things seem or no matter how much you want to and you will get that accounting designation!

That PDR pays off big time down the road. When you’re 36, you’ll feel a lump in your breast while you’re in the shower and your gut will tell you you have cancer…you’re right, you do. Your boys will be 4 and 6. Yes! Two boys that you fell in love with the moment you saw their sweet little faces. You’ll wonder if you’ll ever see them grow up beyond their toddler years or if they’ll remember you if you don’t. Well that fire never left you and it gives you the strength you never knew you had to endure surgery, chemo and the radiation. Your hair??? Yup, you lost it but it grows back, I promise.

Despite your love of structure, organization and planning, you’ll learn that some of life’s riches moments happen when you set that aside and move forward with a little bit of fear and uncertainty. When you’re not sure you if can do something or not, that’s when the fire and the PDR kicks in. Life can turn on a dime, trust yourself. Keep bringing the fire…you’ve got this.


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Is there anything you would like to share with people in your life?

“I have been very fortunate in life to experience the stuff I have, but hasn’t all been easy. Over the candy coating, there are some deep issues that I’ve had to handle, especially my mental health.”